Pose Coaching

Jaze Companies is excited to announce this opportunity for Dent models to get FREE Pose Coaching and Remote Photo Shoots to build their portfolio and gain experience.  These shoots are open to any Dent model (if you're under 18 you'll also need your parents permission).

No experience? Just getting started? No worries! These sessions are made especially just for you!

Sessions are scheduled based on your availability.  This is NOT a group event. You will receive individualized, personal instruction.

You'll benefit from one-on-one attention with posing basics, on-set 101 and cater your session based on your experience level and needs.

Sessions are conducted via video conference so you don't need to be local to us to participate.

You will want someone local to you who can operate a camera to take reference shots of your poses for review.

For a remote session you’ll need the following:

  1. A device capable of video calling (can be phones, tablets etc).
  2. A camera to take pictures (can be a traditional digital camera, smart phone or tablet as long as it is a fairly recent model capable of taking high quality images).
  3. Someone willing to help you by serving as a photographer

We’ll schedule a date and time that works best for all of us. For the session itself; the video call will be aimed at you so we can help you with posing and working in front of the camera. It's best if the video call has the same vantage point as the camera taking the photos, is able to get a full length of you (head to toe) and positioned so that you fill the height of the screen.  If you have a tripod for your phone that may be best but you can also prop it against something (or have a third person hold it).  Having a computer with internet access nearby is also helpful for sharing with us preview images via Google Drive. NOTE: If you’re under 18 we strongly recommend and prefer that the “photographer” you use for remote shoots is a parent.  We have had high success with this process in helping models learn and understand posing which is a huge help with working with local photographers and just building a general working knowledge of modeling.

You'll want to have a few outfits handy for the shoot. The focus of posing sessions is to figure out what modeling poses work best for you, learn the importance of posture and body carriage and to build a study guide we can review and that you'll use to begin memorizing posing.

We suggest outfits that are fitted so that you can see what your body does in poses. Good options include:

  • Leotards
  • Rehearsal wear: Leggings, shorts, halter tops, sports bras, tank tops, etc
  • Swimsuits
  • Have at least 3 available
  • A posing session generally lasts about an hour (without the below). It's not uncommon to do a series of these.

If we're doing a remote photo shoot in addition to pose coaching, you'll also want to have the following available:

  • 2 pairs each of pants, shorts
  • 2 skirts
  • 4 tops to match the above
  • 2 dresses
  • Remote shoots can take a couple hours.


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Since these sessions are conducted via video call, we'll be relying on a location you select for the session.  If we're doing a pose coaching session only; the surrounding environment that you choose is less critical since the images will be for personal reference only. However, we do recommend you consider the following:

  • The location you select should be well lit. Indoors, near a window, in a patio room or a room with ample lighting that's not directly overhead.
  • Preferably an uncluttered space that allows you to move around a little bit and where you can both stand and sit
  • Outside is an option provided you're not in direct sunlight (and the weather is dry). You'll want to still be able to see and hear the video call.

If we're doing a remote photo shoot in addition to pose coaching the following details will be important:

  • A well lit location will be critical. Options that allow you to control/direct your light source are preferred.
  • A space with a clear, clean, clutter free backdrop for your photos (cleared wall space or hung backdrop) and space to move around.
  • Outside is an option provided you're not in direct sunlight, weather is dry, and you can still see and hear the video call.
  • Easy access to an off-camera space to change outfits.

If you're unsure about your location (or potential location) we can do a video call in advance of the session to review the space with you and offer potential suggestions to ensure your session goes as smoothly as possible.

Who are we?

Jaze Modeling/Jaze Photography are part of Jaze Companies (the same company that owns Dent). We've been providing photography services to the Dayton area since 2000. We understand selecting a qualified photographer (especially when it comes to your kids) can be a challenge.  You're welcome to learn more about our company here.  You can also find more samples of our photography work here.


Are there any costs?

There is NO cost to you for participating in the session.  Pose coaching and remote shoots are provided to Dent models free of charge.

Am I Signing up for anything?

Nope! Participating in the shoot doesn't sign you up or obligate you to anything beyond just the shoot itself.

What happens with these pictures?

The pictures taken during a pose coaching session are for your reference only. We'd ask that you upload copies of the images to a Google Drive folder we'll share with you so that we can review and provide tips and feedback to help build your posing skills but we don't use them for any other purposes.  Images in regular outfits from these sessions may be used for other purposes with your express permission.

Models under 18

Models under 18 will require a parent to be present for the duration of the session.  Ideally, for models who are minors we prefer a parent do the photographing.

Can I share pictures with family?

Yes! You can share them with family, friends and/or post them on social media if you'd like 🙂

I have another question

If you have another question or concern our contact info is included at the bottom. Feel free to reach out to us: [email protected]

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