Jaze Modeling got it’s start back in 2000 – A Dayton OH based talent management company founded on principles of integrity and truly putting our clients success as the forefront of our priorities. With over 16 years of portfolio building and talent management experience, we can help models gain the tools and experience needed to get started off right. You’ll get practical experience in front of the camera learning how to be a model –  no classes, books, videos or red tape.

If you’re local to the Dayton OH area (or within an easy drive here) and you’re interested in getting started in modeling please contact us. We work primarily with new and intermediate models to build portfolios, develop their talent and then help them get connected in the industry and market themselves to further their career.  We make our knowledge and experience available as a resource to models helping them manage and screen work inquiries, navigate contracts and a variety of other agency services. Jaze Modeling is a member of the Jaze Companies family of brands.

Our History

I had observed 2 friends of mine attempt to get started into modeling and watched as they did what so many model hopefuls do – find an agency.  Like so many other novice models they found themselves a company who sold them on the concept of classes and educational training for a fee in order to get their modeling careers off the ground (and like many others they bought).

They signed contracts and paid thousands of the dollars over 3 years to buy education/training products and at the end of their term had little show for their investment.  Frustrated by the experience, they left when their contract terms where up and, slightly wiser, set out to find a better way to follow their dream. At the time of their exit from this “agency” I offered to leverage my marketing  contacts to help them try and find actual legitimate opportunities to get their foot in the door somewhere.  That favor turned into a 30-hour per week second job and a fulfillment of my passion for helping people.

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