Dent is excited to offer this industry education series for new and aspiring models interested in learning more about the modeling industry in general and how to get started on the right foot. We've planned this series especially for new models in mind.  However, even models with some practical experience already can benefit from this education track.

Dent will host a series of online interactive sessions designed to give new models helpful information and tools related to getting started in the modeling industry. With a different subject each month, these will be group sessions where we'll cover important getting started information, things to watch out for and tips in how to improve your chances.  These sessions will be designed to include Q&A at the end and individualized help and assistance through separate coaching and consulting sessions.

We know it's hard to break into the industry and there's pitfalls everywhere.  Since launching Dent we've met so many dancers and athletes who have expressed an interest in crossing over into modeling.  We've designed this series to help parents and models arm themselves with accurate foundational information to confidently navigate the world of modeling.

Who are we?

Jaze Modeling is part of Jaze Companies (the same company that owns Dent). We've been providing modeling and photography services to the Dayton area since 2000. We understand selecting a qualified partner (especially when it comes to your kids) can be a challenge.  You're welcome to learn more about our company here.  You can also find more samples of our photography work here.

We feel that this information is so important that we don't want cost to a prohibiting factor. So, we're only asking that you help us offset the development costs for preparing the materials and our time.  You can gain access to the entire series for a one-time fee of $30. Your registration fee will be collected later once we finalize the session schedule. No money is due today. But, if you're interested please let us know by filling out the pre-registration - link is below.

Monthly sessions in the series will be hosted via zoom call.  This will enable information to be presented and the Q&A's all be interactive. Each session will be recorded so if you can't make the live call you'll have access to the session and the ability to submit any questions you might have afterwards.

These sessions are designed for both parents and models.  Models under 18 will be required to have a parent present with them for the duration of the presentation. The same would apply for any coaching or consult sessions that may arise out of an education session.

The series kicks off Nov 7th at 7p EST. Register by clicking below!


Let us know today!

The Modeling 101 Industry Education series will cover the following topics:

Intro to modeling:

  • Common terms and what they mean
  • The difference between agencies and schools - and how to spot the differences
  • Why web search is the worst place to try and find resources for getting started
  • Basics on how to spot the signs of scam

Practical Steps to getting started:

  • Photoshoot tips for new models
  • How to find local photographers to work with
  • What to look for (and avoid) when reviewing photographers
  • They difference between commercial and non-commercial agreements and more about modeling releases
  • On Set etiquette
  • Intro to Brand Rep and Ambassador programs

Model Safety/Privacy:

  • Online safety tips
  • Audience management
  • How to review your content to ensure you/your child's safety.
  • Maintaining safe separation between modeling life and personal life
  • Social media management strategies

Photoshoots and Portfolios:

  • The concept of TFP and free photoshoots
  • Online vs offline portfolios
  • Picking your channels
  • How to ensure you're promoting your best work
  • Why branding is important


  • Posing tips, tricks and pointers
  • Resource information for posing inspiration
  • Posing practice sessions

Modeling and Self Image:

  • Managing self-esteem
  • Self care in an industry based on physical appearance
  • Understanding the fine line between modeling standards and shaming
  • Keys to self confidence
  • Why its important to say no


Are there any costs?

There is a single, one-time cost of $30 for the entire series.  This fee will be collected later via PayPal when we finalize your registration.

Am I Signing up for anything?

Signing up for the education series doesn't obligate you to anything beyond the series itself.

How will I attend? What if I miss a session?

Each monthly session will be zoom call.  Registered parties will attend via video conference. All sessions will be recorded and made available to attendees and those who are unable to make it to a live session. Exact dates are TBD and will be based on the availability of the general group.

Can I stay with my child?

Absolutely, the education series is designed for both parents and models.  Models under 18 must be accompanied by a parent for the duration of the video call.

How much help do you provide?

The online sessions are designed to provide models and parents with a working functional of general modeling principles and navigating getting started.  We're committed to helping you as much as we can by being available to answer any questions and provide additional coaching and/or consult video calls to help you with your modeling journey.

I have another question

If you have another question or concern feel free to reach out to us by sending a message via our Dent Model Mag IG page or emailing us: [email protected]


Let us know today!