Models (and dancers/cheerleaders interested in getting into modeling) are all welcome!  Jaze Companies is excited to announce this opportunity for Dent models to get FREE photo shoots to build their portfolio and gain experience.  These shoots are open to any Dent model who is able to travel to our Dayton OH studio location.

No experience? Just getting started? No worries! We'll help you look your best for your photos!

Shoots are scheduled based on your availability.  This is NOT a group shoot style event. You will receive individualized, personal instruction on set with a photographer.

You'll benefit from one-on-one attention with posing basics, on-set 101 and cater your shoot based on your experience level and needs.

Copies of all the images from the shoot are included free as well.

A standard procedure with modeling photography is signing a model release.  Each participant will need to have a modeling release signed by their parent or guardian in order to shoot.  Please print out a copy via link below, complete the form and have it with you when you come to the shoot. We understand this experience may be new for some parents.  We've included answers to many common questions below. But if you'd like to discuss any particular questions or concerns you're welcome to contact us via the information at the bottom of the page.

Download Info & Release Forms

Who are we?

Jaze Modeling/Jaze Photography are part of Jaze Companies (the same company that owns Dent). We've been providing photography services to the Dayton area since 2000. We understand selecting a qualified photographer (especially when it comes to your kids) can be a challenge.  You're welcome to learn more about our company here.  You can also find more samples of our photography work here.

You'll want to bring a few outfits with you to shoot. We suggest:

For dance/cheer pictures:

  • Leotards
  • Rehearsal wear: Leggings, shorts, halter tops, sports bras, tank tops, etc
  • Recital/competition costumes or uniforms

For regular portrait/modeling pictures:

  • 3 pairs each of pants, shorts
  • 3 skirts
  • 9 tops to match the above
  • 2 dresses
  • 2 swimsuits (these will be used to assemble to posing study guide for the model to use at home practicing/learning posing. These images will not be used/posted publicly).

Bring some shoes to go with your outfits, any accessories you'd like (hats, belts, jewelry, etc). Also, bring any hair or makeup supplies you might need.


Are there any costs?

There is NO cost to you for participating in the photoshoot.  All aspects of the shoot (and the resulting images) are provided free (you are, however, responsible for your travel expenses).

Am I Signing up for anything?

Nope! Participating in the shoot doesn't sign you up or obligate you to anything beyond just the shoot itself.

What happens with these pictures?

The pictures taken at the shoot will be provided back to you, digitally, about a week later via Google Drive.  With your permission we choose select images from the shoot to share in our online portfolios or the Dent model page. The model release you sign prohibits us from using the pictures for any other purposes without your express consent.

Can I stay with my child?

Parents are more than welcome to come to the studio with their child and stay during the shoot.  In fact, if your child is a minor, it's required 🙂

Can I share pictures with family?

Yes! The model release you sign grants you permission to post the images online/share with family or make personal-use prints.  The only thing you can't do with the images is sell them 🙂

I have another question

If you have another question or concern our contact info is included at the bottom. Feel free to reach out to us.


Dayton Studio Collective, a sibling brand of Jaze Modeling, is our studio.  We're located at the Davis Linden Building in downtown Dayton.

Postal address: 400 Linden Ave. Dayton, OH 45403 - For parking directions we encourage you to download this PDF

Email: [email protected]