Stay objective = not getting scammed

Today I want to talk briefly about staying objective when getting started in modeling and why it’s so important.

The common mistake most models just starting out make is getting caught up in the possibility of getting discovered. The sad thing is, the scam companies and the cons out there know this. If you’re an independent model trying to get discovered getting an email from a photographer or an agency interested in you is an exciting thing.

So you get this email from someone and they’re interested in working with you and all you’re thinking about is “of all the millions of models out there they contacted me”. And so often after that all matters of common reason seem to fly out the window.

Anytime you get a work offer from someone that you don’t know, never heard of or is completely unsolicited don’t let your guard down. Approach all these offers with a level of skepticism that will keep you from getting scammed. Ask questions, ask for references (and check them). If things just don’t sound quite right or too good to be true – there’s a good chance you may be right. Models get taken advantage of alot simply because they move too fast without thinking.

This is where having an agent is a big help because they can be that objective person and make sure you don’t move to quick into something and miss warning signs. If you don’t have an agent though; running opportunities by a second a opinion can be a good idea. Jaze Modeling provides these services on a non-contract, non-exclusive basis.  Lead screening is one of the largest services we provide our clients.

Regardless of your age, your parents can be a good place to go for objective advice (providing they’re supportive of your modeling). If you’re under 18 it’s pretty much required. They’ve been around longer than you and can help you screen leads to make sure you take safe qualified offers.

If you’re interested in our help with your modeling career contact us.