Model Privacy – Part 3

The last two posts have dealt with securing your privacy online. Setting up separate emails and social media accounts to create a good divide between professional and personal life. So what happens when you have to talk to a photographer on the phone? Or what happens if they call you and you answer with your real name instead of your stage name – Now you’re stuck right? Not so…

Enter Google Voice. Google’s product portfolio is chock full of all kinds of great little tidbits…including this one. Google voice is a phone service…sort of. Google Voice allows you to provision a local phone number which automatically forwards callers who dial your Google Voice number to any other number you choose. Plus, if you don’t answer, Google Voice has it’s own voicemail which means callers will get a separate voicemail announcement (so if you’ve opted to develop a stage name you can keep that going). And leave their message in a separate mailbox – thus allowing you keep your personal and business messages separate.

And best of all (wait for it)…Google Voice is FREE (for US domestic calls, international calls do carry a fee). And, you can MAKE calls from your google voice number too so if you have to call a photographer or return a voicemail you can make the call using your Google Voice number to keep it consistent. Google Voice numbers support texting too.

If you have an Android phone you can download a Google Voice app that puts your inbox and all the calling features right at your fingertips. Other phones can log into the mobile site and have access to a lot of the same features.

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