Model Privacy – Part 2

One of the single easiest things you can do to separate your privacy and personal life from your modeling life is to develop a stage name and online identity around that name. If you’ve already entered and networked in the social space for modeling purposes with your real name changing to this type of concept might be a little muddy but the basic principle is this:

-Select a stage name for your modeling identity.
-Create a separate email address for your modeling.
-Jaze Companies provides a free email services for models called MyModel.Email – Contact us to learn more about it.
-Create social media profiles using your your stage name and “modeling email”.
-Change any personal social media accounts to connections with only friends/non-modeling contacts.
-Use your stage name profiles for any and all modeling related information and connections.

The key here is the degree of separation. On your personal profile it would be recommended to keep any modeling related information minimal. The goal here would be that if a photographer came across your personal profile (other than the face in the pictures looking similar) they shouldn’t easily be able to link to the two together. On your modeling profile, if you choose to allow personal contacts (or in the case where you connect with photographers who already know your real name) make sure they understand not to use your real name on that account (in posts, comments, tags etc).

Other tips would include using the closest major city as your location instead of your actual hometown, keep your interests and “personal info” to modeling related information.

For Facebook, some models will also create a Page in addition to their stage name profile. Models will then use the page to connect with “fans” and keep their modeling profile strictly for photographers and other business-related contacts (separate general followers/fans from actual business connections).