How do I get started in Modeling – Series

I’m going to begin a series of posts on the topic I find myself answering the most. By far, “How do I get started in modeling” is the most popular question I come across both online and in personal conversations. Once complete they’ll be posted in the blog in reverse order so my best advice would be to use the archive list, start at the bottom (with Part 1) and work your way up.

While there are a few factors that can vary my answer depending on your age and where in the country you’re located the majority of the information is the same for just about everyone. (If you’re interested in more specific information based on the two above factors feel free to contact us).

This by no means is an all-inclusive or comprehensive step-by-step process but outlines the key things to consider as trying to put my last 16 years experience into a single blog post would be impossible. Instead I will break this up into several parts, how many I don’t know yet, hopefully you’ll find the information helpful.