Getting started in Modeling – Part 2

So now that you know what to avoid lets talk a little about what you should look for and how to go about doing that.

First off, don’t strictly rely on Google. The majority of the top results you’ll get from online searches are people from my Part 1 post. Companies more interested in your money than your talent…here’s why:

Search engines are largely fueled by paid search. Companies can buy higher rankings, Keywords or Adwords. The scams are dependent on a constant flow of fresh talent because people wise-up after a while and stop dumping money into a system that isn’t going to give them a return on investment. Because of this, scam companies buy up as much advertising as possible to make sure their name is the name you see first.

The reality is, the legitimate companies don’t advertise. Why? Because they don’t need to. They literally have hundreds upon hundreds of model hopefuls walking through their doors every day hoping to be discovered.Because these companies base their income on booking work for their clients they’re not as dependent on fresh talent because their clients last much longer.

So how do you get started without getting scammed? We’ll get into that in more detail in my next post.