Getting Started in Modeling – Part 1

Stay away from modeling schools!!

Part 1 of this series deals with the biggest scam in the industry. The best thing you can do while getting started in modeling is STAY AWAY from modeling schools (Barbizon, John Robert Powers, John Casablanca’s, Millie Lewis etc). These companies’ main objective is to sell training. They will present themselves as an agency during their pitch to you but the reality is these people spend 40 hours a week selling classes and when you spend your entire week selling your product it doesn’t leave alot of time left to find work for the clients taking the classes…see where I’m going?

Additionally, these companies will attempt to make you feel like they accept only a select few (also part of their sales pitch to help motivate you to buy). In reality they accept everyone – mainly because, again, their business model is based on income generated by selling classes NOT booking models work.

In my 16 years in this industry I’ve yet to meet a model who felt the overly inflated prices they paid at a modeling school was worthwhile.

If you want to get started save your money and find qualified professionals in your area you can work with who can afford you the same knowledge, information and experience for a fraction of the cost. In short, work with people truly interested in developing your talent, not the depth of your checkbook.